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There are many reasons to learn Martial Arts. In Melbourne, Martial Arts clubs are as varied as people’s personalities. It is up to you to find one that suits your goals, expectations and needs.

Why should you choose Australian Freestyle Combat?

Watch this video and let the founder, Mick Nicholls explain why we are the best self defense system around.


Martial Arts is great way to stay in shape. It is much more exciting than running on a treadmill or lifting weights at the gym. The exercises and drills that are performed during martial arts, involve a wide variety of muscles for a total body workout. You won’t find any “mirror athletes” who are just interested in how they look at Australian Freestyle Combat . You will find people who are interested in whole body fitness and cardio which isn’t measure in bicep or chest measurements.


Have you ever been physically intimidated at work, at home or out in the street? Have you ever had that feeling when you know something isn’t right? It is not safe? Depending on your level of confidence, your reactions to a uncomfortable situation can vary. Self confidence is a skill that can be taught; the more you practise, the better you get. The more you practise being placed in uncomfortable scenarios, in a safe and caring environment, the better you chances if such a situation arises out there. Self confidence is built up over time. It is all of those small wins along the way that add up to give you the confidence you are looking for. Confidence is the best shield against violence but it can’t be faked.


Our bodies weren’t designed to sit in a chair all day. For thousands of years humans have needed to move around to satisfy our basic needs of food, water and shelter. Our bodies would practise physical tasks, create muscle memories and improve over time. In modern times, those activities have moved from being necessary to optional. Regular martial arts in designed to keep the body active in a functional way. While progressing through belt levels, your body adapts to more difficult tasks and continues to improve at a safe and challenging rate.


In recent times, there have been an increasing amount of martial arts styles that concentrate more on “martial” rather than “art”. Krav Maga, Modern Arnis, BJJ, Boxing, MMA and many others focus on the practical techniques to defend yourself in today’s modern society. Other styles like Karate, Kung Fu and Ninjutsu have a more traditional focus. They can have techniques that are effective on the street but it can take many more years to master. Australian Freestyle Combat is a “martial” art that has taken the most effective techniques from over 15 different styles and seamlessly incorporated them into one of the most complete martial arts systems in Australia, if not the world.

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