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Welcome to the Etana FMA

Located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne for over 20 years, this club (formerly called Australian Freestyle Combat) has a brand new location just beside Spartan’s Gym.


Come down and check us out at the upper level of Unit 1 at 257 Colchester Rd Kilsyth South.


Head Trainer

Shane started training from an early age learning boxing from his father and Australian Feather Weight Johnny Famechon as a child.

Growing up Shane continued to broaden his martial skill set by learning Taekwondo, Karate and Judo.

As an adult Shane  spent time overseas training in Muay Thai, Kabri Kabrong, Lethwei and Muay Boran and he then traveled to the Philipines where he quickly fell in love with Filipino Martial arts and South East Asian arts in general.

In 1990 Shane began his training with Australian Freestyle Combat under Mick Nichols and has remained a devotee of the system ever since.

In 2017 Shane took his passion for self defense into the corporate world conducting onsite self defense classes in Melbourne’s CBD. The classes were very well received and are ongoing.

Shane has over 35 years of combined martial arts training and is a passionate, friendly, easy going and talented instructor and martial artist.


  • Etana Freestyle Combat Rank: Kyoshi – 6th Dan Black Belt

  • Black Belt Taikwondo

  • Brown Belt In Judo

  • 2nd Degree Black Belt In Zeno Kai Karate

  • Black Belt Goju Kai Karate

  • Blue Belt Jiu Jitsu


Meet the Team

We pride ourselves in being a family friendly Dojo & we have built a family not just a studio!

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